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            About Us

            Tonglu Fuke Medical Insturment Co., Ltd., located alongside the scenic Fuchun River, 2 kilometers away from the National Road No. 320 and Highway between Hangzhou and Qiandao Lake, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, is an Hi-Tech private enterprise that combines of the R&D, manufacturing, sales, and technical service, having been gotten the cooperative technical supporting and cooperation with Zhejiang University & Zhejiang University of Technology. 

            Owning the strong technologies, advance inspection equipment and scientific managing system, Fuke has successfully earned more than 20 kinds of Technical Patents and  Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights. Also we have successfully got the Quality System Certification of ISO9001:2008, and the the Quality System Certification of Medical Equipment ISO13485:2003(EN ISO13485:2012), owned the CE Certification Book.

            Fuke specialize in manufacturing the FK-ENT1800 Series of E.N.T. Treating Desk, FK-ENT1900 series of Automatic Treating Chairs, also provide the matching and good quality but inexpensive Endoscopes, Surgical Instruments and Imaging Systems. All designed with the concept of humanization, environmental, convenient and modern, made with advanced technology learned worldwide, combined the spray-frog with ultra-silence, suction, preheating, lighting, waste disposal, photo-digit-processing integration, are optomechatronics hi-tech products, with excellence in comparison with the same products worldwide.

            Also we specialize in manufacturing of Oxygen Mask, Nasal Oxygen Cannula, Side-Draft Nebulizer Kit and disposable Connecting Tube and other disposable medical products. Importantly, we have set the 100 thousand level cleaning shop, laboratory and sterilization equipments to guarantee the disposable product quality. 

            Fuke products with reliable quality, full of function, convenient treating, modern appearance, satisfied with expections from both the patients and doctors simultaneously, are widely recognized by hospital professors in China.

            With the Tenets of “Leading Technology, Constant Innovation, Sincere Service, Surpassing International”, Fuke has been completely implementing the scientific developmental outlook; with the guiding of the the marketing by own brand, Fuke has been persistently building up correct outlooks of Marketing, Value, Service and Reputation, in order to develop new products that are convenient and modern; with the principle that credit is the base and customers are core, Fuke has been seeking for perfection, continuing in innovation, offering service forever based on the enterprise advantage.

            All the Fuke staff and friends who care and support us will be working together persistently to improve and perfect future medical instruments, sincerely welcome visiting and cooperation of friends worldwide!

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